Sunrise on Hollywood Beach

One of the best things about Florida is being able to watch a sunrise over the water on the East coast and a sunset over water on the West coast. You can also easily catch both in the same day. I am a sunrise person. I have always been an early riser and I love the quiet of the mornings. For photography that also means there are a lot less people walking through my pictures which in general is what I like. Recently we took a weekend trip over to Hollywood, Florida. We stayed right on the beach and I made it out one morning for sunrise. Hollywood has a great boardwalk and there were actually a lot more people out at sunrise than I am used to seeing. As a photographer I really like the little lifeguard houses up and down the beach also.

Lifeguard House Sunrise
Lifeguard House Sunrise
Sunbeam along the path
Sunbeam along the path



  1. Are your prints available to purchase?

  2. how much would you charge to use the sunrise on Hollywood beach

  3. I just started to create nature soundscapes on YouTube and would love to use on of your photos as a backdrop to relaxing sounds of soothing waves and ambient sounds. I would give full attribution – let me know what you think.

  4. Thank you for these beautiful pictures!!!

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