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Milky Way after Aurora

On Saturday night when we made our somewhat desperate (but successful) attempt at catching the Northern Lights in Florida, we were also treated to some decent views of the Milky Way. The skies here were definitely darker than the ones we often shoot in. The light pollution on the horizon […]

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Northern Lights in Florida

Well, I know this is not the most amazing Aurora shot, but I am finally convinced that it does show the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Florida from just North of Crystal River on Sat Night/Sunday AM. Late Friday night when I saw photos from Florida with the Northern Lights […]

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Six Mile Cypress Slough

Also Saturday I revisited Six Mile Cypress Slough. This is a very nice boardwalk trail in the Fort Myers area that I hadn’t been too in a long time. Highlights include 2 Banded Water snakes, a baby Limpkin, a mama Wood duck with 5 babies, a baby Red-shouldered Hawk and […]

Cocoa Beach Pier Sunrise Gradient
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Cocoa Beach Pier

This weekend I went to meet my family over at Kennedy Space Center where we did Astronaut training which was pretty cool. Since I was driving all the way over there for the day I left a little early so I could squeeze in a sunrise at Cocoa Beach Pier. […]

Milky Way Leaning Trees Redo
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Florida Milky Way

Headed out last last night (Very early this morning) to shoot the Milky Way with a few photography friends. I keep saying every year that I need to capture the Milky Way more but have only done it twice before last night, once in Grand Teton National Park where it […]

Yellow Garden Spider
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Circle B Bar Fail

Sunday morning I went out to the Circle B Bar Reserve with the goal of hoping to see a bobcat as I have been seeing a lot of pictures of bobcats recently and I currently have zero acceptable photos of a bobcat. To cut to the chase, I did not […]