Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had the chance to make my first trip down to Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. I Had seen a few shots of the area online, but did not quite know what to expect. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. There is a nice walking trail that goes all the way around the lake and there are quite a number of public art installations. My main targets were the fountain, swan boats, and the downtown buildings. I am pretty happy with the shots that I got. The first shot shows the swan boats from the launch area along with a few of the downtown buildings and the fountain. The fountain lights up around dusk. For the second shot, I used one of the art installations, the Birds, to frame the fountain and city.

Lake Eola Swanboats and Fountain
Lake Eola Swanboats and Fountain
Lake Eola Birds
Lake Eola Birds



  1. Can I buy a digital copy of your Lake Eola Birds picture for use online? Thank you!

  2. Lake Eola Birds is especially beautiful, the swans too. I would like your permission to use Lake Eola Birds as the first page of my new little City Guide I am building now. My site isn’t published yet unless I am working on it and if it is no one except a friend knows about it, not even my family, but it’s focus is to get tourists into downtown (eventually winter park, maitland, the beaches.) This all came about after driving a few times for Lyft and Uber and talking to tourists and other drivers as we wait for our next drive. I’ve lived in Orlando most of my life and the transportation of tourists from theme parks into town is probably as old as I am.
    It will serve as an information guide and eventually advertisers. My background is in advertising and photography. Your work is beautiful, mine on the other hand, not so much I guess because it was difficult to sell. I’m not asking you to donate to my cause which would be nice but rather see me as an individual who is asking for help in starting a guide that may (hopefully) become a business all on a Lyft income. I’m open for any suggestions such as trading space in my guide, listing, spotlighting you. If your interested please contact me. I would like to show you how I have use your photo in my mock site. Thank you so much.

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