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Screech Owls Again

I made a return trip to the Screech Owls tonight. One baby had already left the nest cavity and was in the treetops with it’s parents. The other baby was hanging out in the mouth of the opening sleeping. There was some activity today before dark which was nice and […]

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Screech Owls

Screech Owl nesting time is wrapping up currently in Florida and I have been missing out on getting to photograph them so far this year. I finally got a chance this weekend making several trips over to a nest that I have observed before. I made 2 morning trips requiring […]

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Baby Barn Owl

My 3rd stop Saturday was to photograph this Baby Barn Owl. It was my first time seeing a Barn Owl in the wild. This is kind of a weird spot as it is under a bridge over a river, up in the support spans.

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Cape Coral Burrowing Owls

I got to spend a little time with some Burrowing Owls in Cape Coral on Saturday morning. They are such cool birds. I didn’t see many babies this time. I watched one owl repeatedly fly over to someone’s front yard, catch food (mostly flies), and bring them back to feed […]

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Baby on Board

Yep, more Sandhill Crane pictures. I parked myself across the water from the nest this morning before sunrise. Within 10 minutes or so of arriving the whole family left the nest and walked almost directly up to me, feeding within 15 feet of me. It was mostly in the weeds […]

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And then there was 2

I returned to the Sandhill Crane nest site tonight and to my surprise there were no birds there at all. I walked around the park a bit and then came back and the two parents are walking back to the nest followed by their 2 little chicks. The second one […]

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Newly Hatched Sandhill Crane

A fellow photographer was kind enough to share with me a location with 2 Sandhill Crane nests recently. I timed it right today and arrived after the first egg hatched this morning. The little chick was up trying to walk around and even went in the water a little bit […]

1 Week old Sandhill Crane Chick (2)
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Orlando Wetlands Park

Made my longest trip since my surgery this morning and it turned out to be one of my best photography days in a long time. I went to Orlando Wetlands Park in Christmas, Florida. I have been there one or two times in the past when my wife’s parents lived […]

Parent with Fish
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Black Skimmers

The black skimmer is the largest of the three skimmer species. It measures 40–50 cm (16–20 in) long with a 107–127 cm (42–50 in) wingspan. This species ranges from 212 to 447 g (7.5 to 15.8 oz), with males averaging about 349 g (12.3 oz), as compared to the smaller […]