Photos for John Boccia

Nice meeting you today. Sorry for he limited timeframe. Here is a summary of the images you picked along with pricing.
My printer of choice for this type of material would be Whitewall. Here is alink to the specific type of print that I think would be most similar to what you have in your home.
Print under acrylic
The main difference is that the backing is silver colored instead of black and might not be quite as thick as your other print. If that is an issue please let me know.

My advice would be to order the print that you want for your office first and have that sent to you in Charlotte. Then you can make sure everything is to your standards before we go ahead and print the big batch of photos. Also please check that these measurements will work in the area that you have. All of the images are landscape format so the width is the larger number. I just eye balled it while I was there but I definitely don’t want to order anything that won’t fit in the space.

For your office in Charlotte you wanted this photo.

Amalie Arena Home of the Lightning
Amalie Arena Home of the Lightning

You mentioned maybe about 3 feet. Best fit is 40’x22.5. Have to crop just a little bit on the edges. Price for this size and using printing method as above would be $500 including shipping.



For your unit here at Skypoint the images you requested are

Tampa After Sunset Tight
Tampa After Sunset Tight

This would be the image on the angled wall facing the door. This one you wanted large to be the centerpiece when you walk in. 45×30 is the best fit. $700

Father and Son Fishing Near Skyway Bridge
Father and Son Fishing Near Skyway Bridge

This photo was for the wall to the left when you first enter the unit. You also wanted this one large, but maybe not as big as the first one. I would suggest 36×24 which would be $550. Could print same size as previous image also if you prefer.

Centro Ybor Night
Centro Ybor Night

This image was for the smaller space just before entering kitchen area. For this image I would recommend 20×15. $250

Tampa in Technicolor from Above
Tampa in Technicolor from Above

This image was for the large wall in the bathroom. I would recommend 30×24. $500
Could also do 36×24 like Skyway photo if that fits and you want bigger.

Tampa Theatre Lobby from Stairs Fisheye Merge
This was for the opposite wall in the bathroom, I believe it was right above the toilet. I know this was a smaller space.
I’d go 15×10 for this photo. $200

Graffiti and Sun Rays in Cass Street Rail Bridge
And finally, for the main bathroom this image. I’m not sure how big you want this image. I would go with either 24×16 which would be $300 or you could do 15×10 like the last one for $200.

So the grand total would be $3000 or $2900 depending on what you pick for the last photo size.

Please let me know your thoughts.

PS Since you live in the Carolinas I thought I would mention that I also have a Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway folder.

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