Waterworks Park Sunset and Fireworks

One of the things that I find the hardest is to cut down my photos to a few favorites. This is especially hard if you work through the photos right after you take them. At that point you will almost always like most of the stuff you see. That is why sometimes it is better to wait a few days to process your photos so that you have some separation and can make a better decision on what you really like. The photos I shot on the evening of the Grand Opening of Waterworks Park are an example of this in my case. I did process them quickly because I wanted to send them to Visit Tampa Bay so they could choose the ones they were interested in using. However, as I look back on all of the photos I have from that night I have deleted a few and picked out a few that really stand out for me. The two best photography opportunities of the night for me were the sunset and the fireworks.

Grand Opening Sunset - Waterworks Park
Grand Opening Sunset – Waterworks Park

Waterworks Park Fireworks 10
Waterworks Park Fireworks 10


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