Ulele – Waterworks Park

A new restaurant, Ulele, is set to open tonight in the just opened Waterworks Park in Tampa Heights. “Ulele occupies an old pump house built in 1903 that supplied the city with drinking water from Ulele Spring. The restaurant is named after Ulele, the young daughter of a local Tocobaga chief believed to have saved a member of a Spanish expedition out of love.(Tampa Bay Times)” The first shot tonight was framed so that the restaurant is surrounded by the palm trees and the large oblong brick are made up the foreground. This was shot using a fisheye lens which allows the unique perspective. The second shot is of one of the most unique features that I was able to see from outside the building, the colorful entrance. The restaurant definitely sounds intriguing and will be added to my wishlist of places to check out.

Ulele Fisheye - Waterworks Park
Ulele Fisheye – Waterworks Park

Ulele Entrance - Waterworks Park
Ulele Entrance – Waterworks Park


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