Tampa Skyline High Resolution Files

One of my goals last time out shooting was to capture a couple of higher resolution files of some of my favorite scenes. These two shots of the Tampa skyline are composites. The First shot, Tampa High Resolution Pano is a composite of 35 files. It is an HDR photo with 7 shots for each position and then includes 5 vertical shots stitched together. The final file is 15109 x 5454 pixels. The second shot Tampa squared is a smaller composite with a resolution of 5480 x 5419 pixels. That one only required 14 photos. The first shot especially would make a great banner or poster.

Tampa High Resolution Panorama
Tampa High Resolution Panorama
Tampa Squared
Tampa Squared


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  1. Matthew,

    Came across your photographs and love them.

    I am a transitioning US Navy officer stationed at MacDill. I am currently building out my LinkedIn profile and would be interested in using your skyline as a banner photo. I would like to stay in the Tampa area for my next career. I didn’t want to use your photo without asking. Please let me know if this is possible.


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