A few more from south Florida

Tonight a few more from my trip to south Florida last week. First, another shot of the rainbow. In this one you can see a little bit of the double rainbow. This was after I sat through the storm a second time, this time at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve. For new photographers, a polarizer can defintiely help with photographing a rainbow. The second shot is a swamp shot from the Big Cypress National Preserve. I am usually so focused on looking for wildlife that I miss some of these scenes. The bright green ferns you see everywhere are called resurrection ferns. During a dry period they are curled up and brown, but as soon as it rains they pop open and are bright green.


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  1. Hi there,

    I love your photos of Florida. Is it possible that I can run one or two on our Facebook page? I would not put any on our website…only on our page for an upcoming event we are having in Florida. I would absolutely credit you on the photos. I can even make a meme and embed your name in the photos, so that if they get shared your name would go along with them.

    We do not have a budget to purchase photos at this time. Hoping I can credit you with your name or your website (or both).

    Thank you! Dondi Dahlin

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