I’m Back!

Sorry for the 10 day absence, but I should be back to posting on a regular basis now. I had two major photography projects sandwiched around a long weekend away that have limited by time for blogging. My first major project was redoing the keywords in my Lightroom library. I have been a little haphazard about it for awhile and it was too disorganized for my liking so I basically redid 12,000 or so keywords from scratch. That took some time, but in the long run I am happy I did it as it will make the files much easier to find. The second was gathering images for a submission for the 2013 Visit Tampa Bay Travel Planner. The first project obviously helped with the second and hopefully will earn me a few more sales. I also went out one night last week to capture a few places in Tampa especially since they lit up all the bridges. This is a project called Agua Luces (Part of Lights on Tampa) by lighting artist Tracey Dear where 5 downtown bridges (Platt Street Bridge, Brorein Street Bridge, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority overpass, Kennedy Boulevard Bridge, and the CSX Railroad Bridge or Cass Street Bridge) were lit up. This was done for the Republican National Convention which is coming to Tampa in two weeks, but will be a permanent change. The downtown area has been spruced up quite a bit with the convention coming which I am glad to see.


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