Wetlands sunrise and gator chomp

Alligators are back in the news again as a southwest Florida boy lost his arm to a gator this week. Growing up in Florida and being interested in nature I have always enjoyed seeing and watching gators. I was taught to have a healthy respect for alligators, but not to fear them. If you live in Florida and there is a body of fresh water nearby there is a very good chance that there is at least one gator in it. The biggest thing obviously is never to feed gators as that gets them used to humans and makes them connect people and food. One alligator attack earlier this year in southwest Florida happened because an airboat tour operator was feeding the alligators and the alligator latched onto his arm. This time of year they are on the move looking for mates, food and territory to call there own. As long as you respect them and their habitat people and alligators can coexist.


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