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St Petersburg Sailboat Sunrise 2 TM

St Pete Favorites

A quick post tonight with a couple of the spots that I keep returning to whenever I head to St Peterbsurg. Speaking of that, it has been awhile since I have made it over that way. The first shot is St Petersburg Fountain Dawn. I love the layers of the […]

St Petersburg Sailboat Sunrise 2 Glow TM
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St Petersburg Dawn and Sunrise

The St Petersburg waterfront is one of my favorite places to photograph because there are so many subjects and so many different angles to capture them from. My first shot tonight is a wide angle shot taken from Albert Whitted Park that was taken before sunrise. Left to right you […]

Matanzas River Sunrise Vertical
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More from St Augustine

Two new shots from our St Augustine trip tonight. The first photo is another shot from the amazing sunrise I watched over the Matanzas River just across the street from our hotel. Three things that can’t be beat in my opinion for a great photo are great sunrise light, amazing […]

Sunrise Light on St Petersburg 2
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St Petrsburg Sunrise

I think I have probably used the title St Petersburg Sunrise for multiple posts, but I could not think of anything more appropriate for this one. These shots are from the day I went out to see the partial solar eclipse. While waiting for the sunrise, one sailboat left the […]

Sunrise Light on St Petersburg
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St Petersburg Sunrise

the first picture tonight is probably my favorite new shot of St Petersburg. I was able to capture it right after sunrise so it has a nice warm glow. Also, this viewpoint shows off the waterfront and the sailboats. The second shot is of the now closed St Petersburg Pier […]

St Petersburg City View and Sailboats
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St Peterburg New views

On Sunday after capturing the eclipse I found a new viewpoint of downtown St Petersburg that I like. From the end of Demens Landing looking back across the water you can see most of the city with the marina in the foreground. Also while scouting around a little bit before […]

Crazy Cloud in St Petersburg
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St Petersburg

Back across the Bay today for a few sunrise shots of St Petersburg. The waterfront in St Petersburg is so much better utilized than the waterfront in Tampa although Tampa is quickly catching up in that regard. Of course the whole Pier debacle does not help the St Peterburg waterfront. […]

Pink Sky and Sailboats
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Wake up St Petersburg!

All right St Petersburg residents. So you rejected the Lens idea to replace the old inverted pyramid of the current pier. So what now? Now you are left with a closed pier and no plans to replace it. You are going to have to spend a lot more money to […]