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Pass-A-Grille Milky Way

Went out very early this morning to shoot the Milky Way with a few friends at Pass-A-Grille Beach. Tried a few new things this time. I had an older camera running the whole time we were there and used it to make a timelapse video and a star trail photo. […]

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Rockets Galore

Last night was a night filled with rockets. First was the return of Crew 3. Returning on the SpaceX Dragon Endurance from the international space station after 6 months was a crew of 4 astronauts. It splashed down off the coast of Tampa Bay around 12:45 last night. It was […]

Planes and Rainbows (2)
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Rainbows and Rockets?

Headed over to St Pete this evening in an attempt to capture the launch of the SpaceX Inspiration 4 all civilian mission to space. Unfortunately there were a lot of clouds so I didn’t get much of the rocket at all. The good part was that there was a great […]

Pink Cloud Sunrise at the St Pete Pier
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St Pete Pier

Headed out to St Pete this morning. Was hoping to shoot the Dali museum lit up with rainbow colors for pride month as I had seen a photo like that online. However, when I got there, no lights were on at the Dali. Oh well. Moved on to the St […]