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Cape Coral Burrowing Owls

I got to spend a little time with some Burrowing Owls in Cape Coral on Saturday morning. They are such cool birds. I didn’t see many babies this time. I watched one owl repeatedly fly over to someone’s front yard, catch food (mostly flies), and bring them back to feed […]

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Dallas Area

During our trip to Dallas for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse we stayed in Plano, Texas. We visited 2 parks while there, Arbor Hills Nature Park and the Heard Museum. Both were nice. Arbor Hills was a huge park and although crowded we were able to mostly get away from […]


Total Solar Eclipse 2024

The total solar eclipse was an amazing experience and so glad my whole family got to experience it with me. It is so crazy that something as “simple” as the moon passing in front of the sun can be such a unique moment. I picked Dallas a long time ago […]


Circle B and Lake Morton

Back to the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland this morning to try to shoot a pair of Barred Owl babies that are getting close to fledging. The light was not good and they didn’t stay out for long but I got a few shots. Found a few other things […]


Same park, new finds

Back to check on my cranes again. Unfortunately nothing happening. However I was told by a friend that the other 2 hatched shortly after I left on this visit. Well at least I found a few interesting things to photograph anyway.

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Baby on Board

Yep, more Sandhill Crane pictures. I parked myself across the water from the nest this morning before sunrise. Within 10 minutes or so of arriving the whole family left the nest and walked almost directly up to me, feeding within 15 feet of me. It was mostly in the weeds […]