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Cass Street Bridge View
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Is it all about the gear?

If you are a serious photographer or ever carry an SLR camera with a big lens you have probably had people comment. “Nice camera” or “I bet you could get some good pictures with that lens”. I especially here this when I am out at a park with my telephoto […]

West End Bridge
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West End Bridge

Sometimes as photographer’s we get carried away by the amazing scenery and cityscapes we see. This was definitely the case when I visited Pittsburgh. I had done my research and decided that West End Overlook gave me the best view of the city. Watching the sun go down and all […]

From the Rooftops
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Tampa – Unique Angles

I had to do a Tampa post tonight as that is my hometown and I have not posted one since relaunching the website. Since I have shot in Tampa quite a bit I am always looking for unique events or angles. One of my favorite ways to get a unique […]

Pittsburgh at Night Last Shot
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Pittsburgh at Night

Tonight I am going to start going over how I take and process HDR images.  Tonight I will mostly discuss camera setup and settings and over the next couple of nights will discuss how I use Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix, Oloneo, Nik, and Topaz. To start out with, I am currently […]

Wiener World
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Look Around

  I will continue with the same theme as yesterday.  Basically just to keep your eyes open and you will see photo opportunities everywhere.  The first photo here is a prime example.  I was taking a quick introductory stroll through downtown Pittsburgh when the colorful mural caught my eye.  Of […]

Pittsburgh Children's Museum Cieling
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Looking Up

For the first true blog post I am going to start with a theme.  Today’s two photos are both from our recent trip to Pittsburgh.  They are a good reminder to look in all directions when looking for photo subjects.  The first photo of the colorful streamers is from the […]

St Petersburg Sailboat Sunrise
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Welcome to my new website. It is a work in progress, but I now have a small web portfolio of a some of my favorite images.  I plan to post images and a blog post on a very regular basis.  Some days I might write about the making of the […]