Screech Owls

Screech Owl nesting time is wrapping up currently in Florida and I have been missing out on getting to photograph them so far this year. I finally got a chance this weekend making several trips over to a nest that I have observed before. I made 2 morning trips requiring about 30-35 minutes driving each way. The first time one of the babies was up in the hole for about 10 minutes then ducked down and went to sleep and there was no more action.

On the second morning I didn’t get to see the babies at all. Finally I gave in and made an evening trip. Unfortunately they are basically nocturnal so they did not start waking up until 8:30 which was almost half an hour after sunset. These were some of the most difficult pictures I have ever taken. Despite standing about 15 feet away from the hole I could not really see the birds. All I could see was a little movement now and then. I had to manually focus and use settings on my camera that I usually avoid to compensate for the very dark scene. Then it was still requiring almost 1/2 second for most pictures which means the owls had to cooperate and stay somewhat still for me. Despite all this I got some pictures I am happy with, especially with the 2 poking out together and the mom with food that she was bringing them.

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