Total Solar Eclipse 2024

The total solar eclipse was an amazing experience and so glad my whole family got to experience it with me. It is so crazy that something as “simple” as the moon passing in front of the sun can be such a unique moment.

I picked Dallas a long time ago based on history of good weather. The forecast leading up was not good. The morning of the eclipse I set up at Bachman Park, next to Love Field Airport. When we got there the sky was grey and you couldn’t even tell where the sun was. The sky completely cleared before the eclipse and was clear until about 10 minutes before totality. A cloud blocked us until about the first minute and a half of totality was over. It was still cool seeing day turn to night and feeling the temperature drop. Luckily Totality was about 3 1/2 minutes where we were and the cloud blew past and we got the full experience and I was able to capture the photos I wanted. Don’t miss being in 100% totality if you get the chance.

Definitely not something I will soon forget and I am so glad I was able to capture a few images that show some of the magic of the moment we witnessed.

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  1. Julie Paulson

    Dude, watermark your amazing images!!

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