Baby on Board

Yep, more Sandhill Crane pictures. I parked myself across the water from the nest this morning before sunrise. Within 10 minutes or so of arriving the whole family left the nest and walked almost directly up to me, feeding within 15 feet of me. It was mostly in the weeds so tough to get pics of the little ones and the lighting wasn’t great. After feeding for an hour and a half or so, the mom laid down in the weeds about 25 feet from us. Shortly after one of the babies climbed onto her back and disappeared in her feathers. Pretty soon the other one did the same. We watched for awhile and eventually one of the babies popped their head out and started looking around. This was definitely one of my goal shots.


  1. Jewell E. Paulson

    Your photos just keep getting better. Those little baby cranes will eventually be as beautiful as their parents. Unbelievable!

    Thanks, Matt.


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