Art of the Brick Tampa

The Art of the Brick Tampa exhibit that is going on in downtown Tampa right now is pretty amazing. This is the second exhibit brought to Tampa by the Vinik Family Foundation, the last of which was The Beach which was pretty awesome also. This means it is free to attend. There is parking nearby which is mostly pay at the meter and was less than 2$ for two hours. The artist, Nathan Sawaya, has recreated a bunch of classic paintings and sculptures in Lego form. He has also made a lot of original artwork out of Legos and it is all pretty amazing. My kids move through museums pretty quickly and the exhibits held there attention for a good hour. They spent almost another hour in the Lego playroom at the end making their own creations. I loved some of the old artwork such as the Mona Lisa, the Scream. The Easter Island statue was pretty impressive and took 75-80,000 pieces to build. My favorite though would have to be the large dinosaur skeleton. If looking at that doesn’t make you feel like a kid, I don’t know what will. Well worth the time to go see. There can be lines outside of the door and of course it is hot in Tampa so be aware and arrive early if possible. It is open Wed-Sun 10-6 through September 4th.

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