Bayshore Sunrise and Tampa Skyline

Two very different shots both today. The first shot was actually the last shot I took this morning as I started to drive back towards my house. Every time I run along Bayshore Blvd I try to decide which palm trees would make the best photo along with the balustrade in the background. Driving back home I saw this spot and was able to move so that the rising sun was partially blocked by the center palm tree. The second shot is one I have done many times and keep going back to. It is the view of downtown Tampa from Tampa General Hospital on Davis Island. This was actually the first shot I took that morning. Two things I like about this shot are the lightning bolt on the Suntrust building which was up for the previous nights Lightning game and the return of Marty St Louis. The second thing is the multicolored lights in the top right windows of the convention center. If you look closely you can probably make out part of the Christmas tree in the lobby also.

Tampa's Colorful Reflections
Tampa’s Colorful Reflections
Bayshore Blvd Palms Sunrise
Bayshore Blvd Palms Sunrise


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