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Today’s post is kind of a random compilation of a few things. I will start out with my new print from Artistic Photo Canvas. I use them to print all of my canvas prints and now have 3 very large canvas prints decorating my house. I have two hanging in my dining room, one of the Tampa Skyline and this new one from Tampa Theatre. We painted one of the walls a deep red and my skyline print is mainly blue tones. This new Tampa Theatre photo is going on a currently beige wall perpendicular to the wall with the other print. We decided on this particular print because it brought in both the red tones of our wall and the blue tones from the other print. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. While I am talking about Tampa Theatre I also wanted to say that we had a great time at the Tampa Theatre Winefest. There was a 5 course meal catered by Mise en Place along with wine selections to go with each course. It was no surprise, but the desert wine was our favorite. What was a little surprising is that we actually liked pretty much all of them. We usually don’t care for the stronger tasting wines, but the selection that night was very good. The second photo today is of my new Derrick Brooks bobblehead. He has been one of my favorite players since his FSU days. It was great being able to follow his career all the way to the Hall of Fame. He is one of the things that is right about pro sports.

Tampa Theatre APC Print

Derrick Brooks Bobblehead
Derrick Brooks Bobblehead


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  1. Jewell (Granny)

    The Tampa Theater Winefest sounds interesting! I’m anxious to see the paintings you have hanging on your walls.


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