The fields of Minnesota

We just returned from two weeks in Minnesota. Most of the time was spent in the northern part of the state where there are a lot of lakes and a lot of corn and grain fields. I didn’t do too much photography on this trip, but did take a few moments to capture a couple of the cool scenes I founds. The first shot tonight Green and Blue and Hunting Blind was captured just down the road from my parents cabin. I loved the contrasting green and blue along with the wavy hills that we don’t have in Florida. I feel that the deer stand in the corner and the few puffy clouds help to balance out the scene. The second shot it a White-tailed deer in a corn field. We went on a drive one evening and counted at least 38 separate deer in less than an hour.

Green and Blue and Hunting Blind
Green and Blue and Hunting Blind
White-tailed Deer in Corn
White-tailed Deer in Corn


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  1. Jewell (Granny)

    Love your MN photos! More, please.

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