Gandy Cloudy Sunset and Lightning

There have been some really nice skies over Tampa the last couple evenings when I head out for my run, so today I got my run in early and headed out to try to catch some nice color in the sky. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in a little too thick tonight to get a good sunset, but there was still windows of color. I also got a chance to capture some lightning and definitely got my best lightning shots to date. This storm was across the bay over in Pinellas. I captured it from the little beach area by the old Friendship trail bridge on the Tampa side of the water. To capture the lightning I set my iso down to 100 and then cranked the aperture up to f16 initially. Then I just kept firing away, 1 shot after the other. As it got darker I turned the aperture down to keep exposures in the 10-15 second range mostly. I also put in a little negative exposure compensation so that the lightning would show up better against the sky.

Gandy Sunset Merge
Gandy Sunset Merge

Gandy Lightning 1
Gandy Lightning 1


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  1. Bill Kleinfelder

    Great job Matt…thanks for sharing these outstanding pics.

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