Pier House 60 Sunset View, Clearwater Beach, Florida

Pier House 60 is a hotel on Clearwater Beach that has one of the best views of Clearwater Beach and Pier 60. I made my first visit to Pier House 60 yesterday to visit my parents and sister who had a room on the 10th floor right next to the sunset deck. The sunset deck gives a great view, but does get a little crowded, especially as it nears sunset. I made a few trips from the room out to the deck during the evening and this is the last shot that I took. The sunset deck would definitely be a nice place to get to about an hour or two before sunset and to sit and have a few appetizers and a drink or two. I always love viewpoints that get you up above street level as you get a very different perspective.

Pier House 60 Sunset View
Pier House 60 Sunset View


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  1. Your Pier 60 photo is beautiful. Do you license your photos?

    I’m an IRB resident. It all started with a visit to Clearwater Beach, back in 1996 when Britts was near where Crabby’s is today. After playing in the surf all day, watching the sunset, I looked at my husband and said, “we are going to live here”. And we did, for 14 years. He passed away last year. IRB, Clearwater and the intercoastal waterway will never be the same without him. There is no other place that I would rather live. It’s heaven on earth –the closest I can get to my husband, who’s up there—fishing in the BIG LAKE. I will never leave.

    –Gaby Yanez- Reeves

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