St Augustine Sunrise

I have been busy working through a lot of my photos and have not had time to finish many of my St Augustine shots yet, but I really wanted to post a couple of my favorites. One morning I was able to get out early and walk along the waterfront to capture the sunrise. The first view was literally right across the street from our hotel, the Hilton St. Augustine Historic Bayfront. There were a lot of great cloud formations and I first went for the reflection in the water. I have seen people use the chain as a framing device in their photos so thought I would try it here. I also made sure to capture the Bridge of Lions in the shot as that is one of the iconic locations in St Augustine. After taking several reflection shots I hurried down to the Castillo de San Marcos for the actual sunrise. I took multiple shots from both sides of the fort, but this was one of my favorite angles. I framed the rising sun between the two palm trees. I thought the person watching the sunrise from inside the wall and the little bird on top of the castle helped complete the picture.

Bridge of Lions Clouds at Dawn
Bridge of Lions Clouds at Dawn
Castillo De San Marcos Sunrise through the Palms
Castillo De San Marcos Sunrise through the Palms


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  1. Hi Matthew,
    My wife, Kathleen, is a harpist in the St. Augustine area. I am putting together a website for her services and in the process of searching for images of St. Augustine I came across the stunning shot you posted of the Bridge of Lions at sunrise. Great shot, really! I would very much like to utilize this picture with your permission for Kathleen’s website. Please let me know how you’d like to be acknowledged/compensated for your work. Thank you,
    Bret Blackshear

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