Ybor City

Ybor City lies very close to downtown Tampa, however I have not done much photography at all there. Part of the reason is that Ybor needs to be photographed at night for the neon and lights, but Ybor is a busy place and I prefer not to have too many people in the majority of shots. Tonight I was itching to do some shooting and decided to hang around Ybor City for a bit. I started at the landmark, Columbia Restaurant and I have a few shots from there to follow. Then I basically just strolled up 7th Avenue all the way down to Centro Ybor which is the first shot tonight. The second shot is of a restaurant/bar called Gaspar’s Grotto. I liked the pirate decorations which of course us Tampa people seem to have a fascination for.

Centro Ybor Night
Centro Ybor Night

Gaspar's Grotto
Gaspar’s Grotto


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