Blue Ridge Parkway Dawn and Lynn Cove Viaduct

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. My wife and I went on a second honeymoon (10 year anniversary trip) without the kids for a week up to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have been busily processing my photos and getting a trip book ready to print through which is what I have used for my last 4 or 5 trips. I will be posting a lot of shots from the trip over the next couple of weeks, but I will start with a few of my favorites. I spent a beautiful fall morning mostly on my own at the Lynn Cove Viaduct. I captured the sunrise first and then crossed the road to climb onto the two boulders that allow you to get the classic shot of the viaduct. After awhile I was joined by another photographer and for anyone who has ever been there, that can be a little tight, but it worked out. The only regret was that there were quite a few leaves down already.


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  1. Mat, aunt Mary and i really enjoy seeing your great pictures.

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