Edward Medard Park and Reservoir, Plant City

Last week I took a trip to Edward Medard Park and Reservoir in Plant City to look for some Snail Kites that are now nesting in the area. I did see the Snail Kites although I did not get great shots. Guess I will have to go back and try again. I was however very impressed with the bird life at the park. I spent maybe an hour and a half there and in that time I saw a huge variety of birds. I saw all the normal wading birds (Great blue heron, great egret, tricolored heron, little blue heron, white ibis) along with anhinas, cormorants, moorhens, a bunch of limpkins, a purple gallinule, and an American Bittern. The last two are pretty uncommon in this part of the state. I also saw the reason for the snail kites moving in and all the Limpkins. There were apple snail shells and eggs everywhere. Look at the shot of the American Bittern and all the pink dots on the reeds are snail eggs.


  1. Tim (Path to Enlightenment)

    Matt, glad you got out there. Pretty spectacular place, isn’t it? Flickrmail me when you head out again I will join you. I have gotten a couple decent shots of the snail kites…but still waiting on the gallery shot.

  2. Very nice shots of the snai kite Matt. I really did not know to much about these birds until seeing them at Medard Park. Glad you got some good shots.

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