Dinosaurs in Florida

Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida is a place that I have driven past hundreds of times on I-4 on my way between Tampa and Orlando, but only recently visited. I found it to be a fun place for the kids and for photography. For the kids is a nice playground, a fossil dig, and they can pan for fossils. The fossil dig is a big sandbox with bones buried underneath that the kids can try to uncover. When panning for fossils you find a lot of shells and shark teeth and each kid can pick 3 to keep as a souvenir. For photography there were over a 150 life size dinosaur sculptures to take pictures of. The downside is that they were mostly in a swampy area with very mixed lighting which was not easy to manage.


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  1. I to have driven past this hundreds of times but not stopped. I will have to stop there one day and check it out.

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