Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Game 4

We had the chance to attend the Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Game number 4 on Thursday night at Heinz Field. It is a beautiful stadium and in a beautiful location. There are a bunch of good viewpoints of the city from the stadium. I took several photos from our seats and a few as we walked around at halftime. I did get harassed a little by stadium security for using my camera. I shoot with a Canon 40D and just brought my 17-40 zoom as I wanted more wide angle shots. They started saying that the lens was too long. The NFL rule apparently is the lens cannot be longer than 6 inches which mine was not, it was 4. The camera and lens was right at 6. After we argued they went away saying they would come back with their supervisor but never did. Anyway, we had a good time, the Steelers won, and I got a few nice shots.


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