I can’t stay away…

Back to a few more of my new shots from Tampa. The first shot is of the Budweiser Sail Pavilion, a small outdoor bar on the waterfront right next to the Tampa Convention Center. I like the colors and the details inside the bar, but I missed capturing a dark enough exposure to fix the tvs. The second shot is the end (for me) or the beginning of Bayshore Boulevard in downtown Tampa. The bridge is the Platt Street Bridge which leads to the Tampa Convention Center. Notice a theme here? I like the curving lines of the railing and the reflections of the lights.



  1. Stella Giudicelli


    I’m originally from France and putting pictures together in iMovie of my American citizenship ceremony. I want to feature Tampa. Can I use your picture “Bayshore Boulevard Ends”?

    • Stella,
      Thanks for asking. You may definitely use the photo for that purpose. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

      • I absolutely love the picture you took of Bayshore Blvd. May I have permission to post it on my facebook account? I work on Plant Ave which is right by Bayshore Blvd. The picture you took is beautiful.


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