Tampa Break

I have a bunch more good shots from my recent outings in Tampa that I will continue to post, but I did not want to got too many days in a row on Tampa only. Tonight I am throwing in a couple of St Petersburg shots. The first shot is an older shot that I took on an outing with the Westcoast photo group. Someone in the group had arranged for us to have access to one of the big buildings in downtown to shoot a moonset/sunrise. This shot is as the sun is just breaking through the clouds above the St Petersburg Pier. The second shot is back to my other favorite building in St Pete, the Salvador Dali Museum. This was taken at night with a fisheye lens.


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  1. We love the photo you took of the exterior Dali Museum. We are the landscape architect for that project and would like to have the photo to hang on our office wall. Please let me know if that would be ok with you. We’d need a large file as we’d like it to be a 36X24. We could have future work for you, too, if you’re interested.
    Julie Booth

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