Good Day in Tampa Bay

Today was a good day. I was contacted through Flickr and sold 3 of my photos of the Tampa Bay Times Forum to the architectural firm that worked on it. They are going to use the photos to show off their work on their website.
This evening I went out to try to capture a good sunset as there have been some great storm clouds and nice color quite a few times recently. Well, I got the clouds, but no color. I still got a few shots that I like a lot. I started out over at the Gandy Bridge. The clouds were just too much and overpowered any hope of the sunset. The second shot tonight was from a viewpoint I scouted while running on Bayshore. This is a very different view of downtown. Although you lose some of the buildings you can get some great reflections of the lights in the water. I love how Oloneo processed this image also, especially the clarity of the street sign and construction sign.


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  1. Congrats on selling the photos!

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