Don’t forget the people

I do not like to take people pictures. I currently take pictures of my daughters, but before they were born I very rarely included people in my shots. This is definitely a regret from my trip to Africa. If I were to do it all over I would have taken a lot more pictures of the people. At the time I was a bit more shy about pointing my camera at someone, but looking back I see a lot of missed opportunities. These two shots are a couple of my favorites including people from that trip. The first shot even includes me and I like being in pictures even less than I like taking people pictures. These kids were from a group of nomads called Tauregs that live in the desert in Niger. They were thoroughly amused by seeing my sister and I, in the headscarves. Here we are sharing some of the traditional tea(Photo credit Rebecca Paulson). The second shot is from the northern city of Agadez. I basically staked myself in front of the Agadez mosque and waited for interesting people to walk past.


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