Florida Sunrises

Sunrise is my favorite time of day to be out in a park. There are many advantages to being out and about early. First, you are usually the only person there. It is more quiet and peaceful and easier to set up your shot. There are often great colors at sunrise. A lot of wildlife is more active at this time. Finally a lot of times in the morning there is fog or nice clouds that can add mood or interest to the scene. These two shots are two different ways to capture a sunrise. One method is to capture the big rising ball of the sun breaking through the trees taken with a zoom lens to accentuate the size of the sun in the photo. This shot was taken on Lake Hancock at the Circle B bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida. The second shot was taken on a very foggy morning on Joe Overstreet Road in Kissimmee, Florida. This time I did not include the sun in the picture. The subject of this photo is the silhouette of the tree in the fog which is tinted orange from the sunrise.


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