Something different

Tonight I decided that I needed something a little different to post on the blog. Both photos are from the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida. The butterfly already stands out from the background but I decided to process it with a selective color effect to make it stand out even a little more. A selective color effect is fairly easy to do in photoshop. Make a copy of the photo as a new layer. Convert that image to black and white using your favorite method. Then you add a layer mask and paint with white to reveal whatever colors you want to show through, in this case the butterfly and one weed. If you have Nik Silver FX it is even easier to do. The second shot of the White Pelicans is a little different just because it’s a panoramic crop of a nature image. The crop of your photo should accentuate the subject and with these three pelicans in such a tight line it works well here.


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