Niger, Africa

Niger, Africa is definitely not on most people’s lists of travel destinations and probably never would have been on mine either if it wasn’t for my sister’s placement there by the Peace Corps. The main trip we did in Niger was to travel up to Agadez, which is the “big” city in the northern part of the country. From there we took a 1 week guided tour in the Tenere Desert (Southern Sahara Desert). We got to see a lot of sand dunes, a little wildlife, and meet a lot of interesting people who would suddenly appear from nowhere. One of the biggest groups living in this area are the Taureg nomads. I really like how this shot shows the people in their environment. One of the other really cool places we visited was an oasis in the middle of the desert. There were palm trees everywhere and there were a bunch of fruit farms where they had irrigation canals. We even got to swim in a nearby watering hole with a small waterfall.


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