Viera Wetlands Birds

Viera Wetlands is one of the best places in Florida to photograph birds. On my last trip there i was able to photograph these Black Bellied Whistling Ducks as silhouettes at sunrise. I got several shots with but since several ducks were trying to stay on the same palm tree it was hard to get separation between the different individuals. I like the way they overlap in this shot. There were also a bunch of cattle egrets flying back and forth between the main island and the perimeter of the park gathering nesting material. I set up next to my car on the top of the road and photographed the birds as they flew back and forth. This shot was one of my favorites because it showed the nesting material well, is pretty sharp, and because of the nice even blurred green background. You can see the breeding colors in the face and beak and in the brownish stripes on teh back.


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