Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited National Park in the United States. I have only been once since I started photography and enjoyed the week I spent there. There is a lot that can be seen even from the road, but to see more, and get away from the crowds all you need to do is hike a little. I hiked to most of the waterfalls in the park. My favorite viewpoint from in the park was definitely Clingman’s Dome at sunrise. The sun coming up over the layers of mountains was beautiful to watch. Cades Cove was another area I enjoyed exploring. I tried to make a round or two each morning and evening. Two less explored areas that I visited were the Treemont area and Chatahoochee. The Treemont area basically falls a small stream with a few rapids and a waterfall or two if you look closely. I found a few otters here. The Chatahoochee area requires a little more driving but is worth it for a few historical buildings, but mostly for the elk. They were reintroduced to the Smokies and this is the area they hang out. The morning I was there was foggy which added some great atmosphere. My favorite wildlife finds were a couple bears, the elk, a few salamanders, and an albino groundhog.


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