Pittsburgh Photos

Today I don’t really have any theme or story or message. These are just 2 of my Pittsburgh photos that I have been working on. The 1st is from the University of Pittsburgh. It is an interior shot of the Cathedral of Learning. The Cathedral of Learning is a 535 foot tall, 42 story building on the University of Pittsburgh campus that houses more than 2000 rooms. The “lobby” comprising the first through third floors contains a massive gothic “Commons Room” that is used as a general study area and for special events and is ringed by three floors of classrooms including, on the first and third floors, the 29 Nationality Rooms designed by members of the Pittsburgh community in the styles of different nations and ethnic groups (wikipedia). The building is fun to photograph and I really like the details on the inside. I seldom like people in my photos but think this one works well. The second shot shows a few of the older buildings in downtown. I likes this composition with the flowerpot in the foreground.


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