Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is definitely one of my favorite places in Florida to visit. In terms of photography there are some cool Florida landscapes, lots of very tame birds, a lot of gators, and the chance to see something special like a Florida Panther.   Any visit to the Everglades should start and probably end with a stop at Robert is Here a great fruit stand just outside the entrance in Homestead.  Their shakes are not to be missed and you should definitely try some of the exotic fruit.  Mamey is my favorite.    The Everglades is a very different national park.  There are no big scenic viewpoints like in other parks.  To really experience the Everglades you have to hike the trails and sometimes off the trails or take to the water.  Anhinga trail near the park entrance is the easiest place to see and photograph birds and alligators.  Down on the other end of the Glades is Flamingo where you can easily spot an American Crocodile at the marina, get some refreshments, or gaze at Florida Bay.

Another part of the Everglades is Shark Valley.  This is a 15 mile loop trail that can be accessed by hiking, biking or tram.  I love to bike this trail although you do have to watch out for gators that like to sun themselves on the trail.


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