Three Lakes WMA and Joe Overstreet Road

I am contintuing my series of favorite places with Three Lakes WMA and Joe Overstreet Road in Kissimme, Florida. This area is one of the best areas in the state to see a lot of wildlife and some old Florida scenery. There are several endangered or threatened species that are regularly seen in this area the best of which are Crested Caracara, Snail Kites and Whooping Cranes. There area lot of owls and eagles in this area also. I have also seen otter, hogs, deer, alligators, several types of snakes including a coachwhip and a coyote or two. My favorite time to drive this area is around sunrise as there is often fog in the area lending itself to good scenics. In the early morning there are also often Eastern Meadowlarks and other bird singing from the fences.


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