Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Something a little different today. Just wanted to thank the mothers in my life. My mom has always been very supportive and loves my photography of course. I have also been blessed with an incredible wife who is a great mother for my two daughters. I am very thankful to have her by my side as we raise our daughters. My wife has also been incredibly supportive of my photography. Whether it is dealing with me wanting new equipment or waking up well before sunrise to go take photos she has always been accommodating. Thank you!

Here is a quick summary for anyone who is interesting in how this compilation was done. The photos were brought into Lightroom. Under the print module I chose a custom page and deleted the items that were in the layout. After that it was pretty much drag and drop and resize as necessary. When done choose print to file to save as a jpeg. File brought into Photoshop to add text since I could not figure out how to do it easily in Lightroom. If anyone does know how please let me know.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day


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