Renaissance Vinoy Resort, St Petersburg

Sometimes it is about the gear! Last night I wrote about how it is not all about the gear, but more the vision that makes a good photographer. Tonight I will take the counerpoint. Sometimes it is about the gear. I was recently commissioned to take a specific photo of downtown Tampa from Plant Park. The shot required a fisheye lens which I do not currently have in my arsenal. I was able to get my client to cover the cost of me renting the lens so that I could get the exact shot they wanted. This also worked out very well for me because I went all over Tampa and St Petersburg with that lens. This shot of the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St Petersburg could only have been done with a fisheye lens. So an artistic vision is extremely important and without that the gear is irrelevant. However there are some photos where the gear does matter. Weigh in with your comments.

Renaissance Vinoy
Renaissance Vinoy


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