Is it all about the gear?

If you are a serious photographer or ever carry an SLR camera with a big lens you have probably had people comment. “Nice camera” or “I bet you could get some good pictures with that lens”. I especially here this when I am out at a park with my telephoto lens (Canon 100-400 zoom) and am carrying it on a tripod. Sometimes I would just like to challenge the person to change cameras with me for 15 minutes and see who could get the better shots. I think I would win 98% of the time. I have never considered myself to have an artistic bone in my body until I got into photography. As I have learned more and looked at lots of pictures I have developed a style of my own. Is this because of the gear I use? No, for the most part, the majority of my photos could have been taken with point and shoot cameras. Tonight’s image, from one of my favorite viewpoints in Tampa, Cass Street Bridge is an example. This photo is not good because it was taken with a Canon 40D and a Canon 17-40 lens. This is a good photo because of the composition and post processing work that has become my style. Tomorrow I will argue with myself and tell you why sometimes it is about the gear.

Cass Street Bridge View
Cass Street Bridge View


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