Perigree Moon over St Petersburg Pier

My standard workflow for working with HDR photos like today’s is to first import with Lightroom. During the import process I have Lightroom fill in the copyright and contact information in the metadata. Of course as soon as I wrote that I went into Lightroom and saw that my import metadata had been messed up. Anyway, after the files load in Lightroom I first delete any blurry, badly exposed or otherwise useless photos. Next I select the files I would like to work with. I take those files into the develop module and apply the lens correction and often add a little clarity and vibrance. I then export these files to a working folder for HDR processing with Oloneo or Photomatix. After processing I pull the photo into photoshop, do any necessary cleanup, dust spots, masking to repair motion, noise reduction, etc. Then I often use Topaz Adjust to give the image a little more pop. Depending on the image I sometimes will use Nik Color Efex, usually the Tonal contrast or glamour glow filter and sometimes both. For this image I just used Nik to apply some sharpening.

Perigree Moon Over Pier
Perigree Moon Over Pier


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