Pittsburgh at Night

Tonight I am going to start going over how I take and process HDR images.  Tonight I will mostly discuss camera setup and settings and over the next couple of nights will discuss how I use Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix, Oloneo, Nik, and Topaz.

To start out with, I am currently shooting with a Canon 40D.  90% of the time when I am shooting for HDR I will be using a tripod.  The exception is in a museum or someplace that tripods are forbidden.  When handholding I will drop the iso down to 400 which is about as low as I trust on my camera although that does increase noise.  On the tripod I always shoot at iso 100.  For HDR I am basically in aperature priority all the time with an aperature of F8-16, usually F8.  I have my camera set to use the 2 second timer and to autobracket at 0,  -2, and +2.  Using the timer with the 2 second delay all I have to do is hit the shutter button once and the camera will take all three pictures.  In extreme lighting situations such as inside/outside shots or bright lights at night I will also take a -4 exposure.

Tonight’s photo is from the West End Overlook in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh at Night Last Shot
Pittsburgh at Night Last Shot



  1. Nickia Booker

    Love this picture! Just ran across it on Google Search. Thanks for making the day of a Pittsburgh Native.

  2. Great image. Its absolutely breathtaking, actually.

  3. Mary Lee Rinehart

    Your photographs of Pittsburgh, PA are fantastic. That’s where I was born and raised. I now live in Portland, Maine, and I miss the “Burgh” so much. I was wondering if there is any way I can obtain a few pictures of Pittsburgh that I could frame for my apartment? You are great!

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