Oloneo Photo Engine versus Photomatix

The first image, reflected Tampa lights was processed in Oloneo.  Night images tend to work very well in Oloneo.  One of the big advantages is it generates a lot less noise and gives you a much cleaner image right out of the box.  Oloneo handles colors well and provides good sharpness through the structure setting.  For me Oloneo also seems easier to use.  Photomatix has always been finicky on my computers and is a more complex program to learn.  Photomatix however does have several advantages.  In the second image, titled Kitchen Window, you can see the two places that Photomatix really excels in my opinion.  First, in very complex scenes with lots of detail such as wood grain, shiny floors, etc Photomatix will bring out more details.  The second difference is Photomatix’s ability to handle extreme lighting differences. One of my favorite type of HDRs is the inside/outside shot.  This usually has a very high dynamic range and I will often use exposures of -4, -4, 0, +2, and sometime +4.  Photomatix handles this situation a lot better for me.  Let me know your thoughts.



  1. I’m a relatively new fan of Oloneo’s HDRengine. I agree, night shots are great using it. If I am going for a super natural looking HDR, Oloneo’s product is what I go for. If I am doing interior shots or want to bring out more colors & vibrance, I’ll grab Photomatix.

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